Honorary President

Laurent MOSSU
Radio France International (France)

Gordon MARTIN [† 26.07.2016]
Former correspondent of Daily Telegraph (Great Britain) and Radio Vatican (English service)

Honorary Members

Walter BUSER [† 17.08.2019]
Former Chancellor of the Confederation

Robert EVANS
Former correspondent of the Reuters Agency,
Member of the Committee and of the Executive Committee (2003-2016)

Chakravarthi RAGHAVAN [† 26.09.2021]
Former correspondent of Third World Network (Malaysia)

Sari RAUBER [† 01.03.2015]
Former correspondant of MAARIV Newspaper (Israël)

Erich REYHL [† 6.08.2023]
Former correspondent for the German medias
Member of the APES since 1954 and its Executive Committee many times

Angélica ROGET-TONELLA [† 08.03.2020]
Former correspondent of Radio Vatican (French program)