13-20 July – Press trip to Russia and Crimea

10 May – A guided tour of the exhibition Frankenstein with Prof. David Spurr (Honorary Professor of English Literature at the Geneva University) and Mr. Nicolas Ducimetière (Deputy Director of the Foundation Martin Bodmer ).

26 April – Andrei Grachev, former spokesman of the USSR President Gorbachev

21 April  – Meeting with the media, ICRC President, Mr. Peter Maurer

14 April Press conference in Montreux, Director Mr. Mathieu Jaton, launching the 50th anniversary program of the Montreux Jazz Festival (1-16 July).

6 April – Interview with Mr. Michael Chaplin, Son of Charlie Chaplin and President of the Foundation of the Charlie Chaplin Museum, at the Chaplin World in Vevey. (Inauguration on 17 April)

3 March  – Traditional lunch with FDFA, Ambassador Beseler

24 February  – Visit to World Football FIFA museum (opening on February 28)

14 January – Meeting with the Press, Director-General of International Organization for Migration (IOM) Ambassador William Lacy Swing

13 January – Press conference at the World Economic Forum, President Mr. Klaus Schwab and special seminar by executive managers


9 December – Press conference by Swiss Bankers Association CEO Claude-Alain Margelisch in Geneva.

10 December – IATA Global Media Day

12 October – Swiss Confederation President Simonetta Sommaruga’s press conference

30 September – Information day on the 2015 Federal Elections organised by Presence Switzerland.


7 May – Press trip to Bern by the invitation of the Chancellor of the Confederation.

28 September – 5 October – Press trip to Ukraine: Odessa, Kiev and Lvivi.


30-31 August – Press trip on the theme “Sport in Switzerland” organised by Presence Suisse.

12 August – Participation of APES members in the  rösti-lunch organised by Presence Suisse for foreign journalists, on the theme “Switzerland and Commodity Trading – Opportunities and Challenges”.

19 July – Press conference with the heads of the project “LHCb experiment and LHC” and guided visit (jointly with ACANU) of CERN in Geneva, at the invitation of CERN’s press office.

5 June – Press conference in Berne with the Federal Chancellor Corina Casanova, on the theme “Electronic voting in Switzerland”, with a guided visit to the House of Watteville, followed by a lunchtime cocktail offered by Federal Chancellery.

3-4 June – Participation of APES members in the annual seminar for journalists organised by the Swiss Bankers Association in Bern.

8 May – Visit to the International Museum of the Red Cross and press conference with its director, on the occasion of its re-opening after renovation, and preview of its new permanent exhibition “The Humanitarian Adventure”.

13 March – Press visit to the International Museum of the Reformation in Geneva.

6 March – Press conference with Mme Corina Casanova, Chancellor of the Confederation, concerning “The Federal Chancellery, its role, its missions as executive of the Federal Council”, organised jointly with the Geneva Press Club.

4 February – Participation of APES members in the first rösti-lunch organised by Presence Suisse for foreign journalists, on the theme “Perspectives on Switzerland’s European Policy in 2013″.

31 January – Traditional lunch in Geneva with Jean-Marc Crevoisier, head of communications of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.



28 November – Press conference with the Ambassador of Ukraine in Switzerland, on relations between the two countries, organised jointly with the Geneva Press Club.

21 November – Traditional press conference and lunchtime cocktail with representatives of the Swiss Bankers Association.

7-8 November – Press trip to Basel on the theme of “Integration”, organised by Presence Suisse.

20-21 October – The annual “APES weekend” proposed and organised by Swiss Tourism. Destination 2012: Soleure/Solothurn, the most beautiful baroque town in Switzerland.

21-22 September – CabriO excursion to Stanserhorn and visit to Rigi Kaltbad, organised by Swiss Tourism: discovery of the first panoramic cable car in the world and the new thermal baths “Giardino Minerale” designed by the world-famous Swiss architect Mario Botta.

5 July – Informal meeting with Nicolas Bideau, Director of Présence Suisse, organised jointly with the Geneva Press Club.

2 July – Traditional dinner and press conference with the President of the Swiss Confederation, Mme Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf, in Bern.



13 June – Visit by APES members to the Federal Chancellery, meeting with the Federal Chancellor Corina Casanova, Vice-Chancellor André Simonazzi, and spokesperson for the Federal Council and the Chancellery, Claude Gerbex. Visits to the media centre, the two houses of Parliament in session, and the Federal Council residence, Lohn, in Kehrsatz. Two reports by APES member Freddy Mulongo: http://reveil-fm.com/index.php/2012/06/24/2663-journalistes-au-parlement-suisse-a-berne and http://reveil-fm.com/index.php/2012/06/15/2631-madame-corina-casanova-chancelliere-de-la-confederation-suisse-s-entretient-avec-des-journalistes-de-la-presse-etrangere


11-12 June – Participation of APES members in the annual seminar for journalists organised in Berne by the Swiss Bankers Association.

24 May – Guided visit to the villa and library of La Grange, and meeting with the Mayor of Geneva Pierre Maudet.

16 April – Visit to Zurich for the traditional festival of spring Sechseläute, organised for APES by Swiss Tourism.

22 February – Visit to the factory in Geneva of Vacheron Constantin, the oldest watchmaking firm in the world.

9 February – Traditional lunch in Geneva with the head of communications for the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Marc Crevoisier.


apes_dfae9_100212 apes_dfae3_100212


15 December – Micheline Calmy-Rey, twice the president of Switzerland and longtime head of the Foreign Affairs Department, left office and politics at the end of her term in December 2011. She gave a final press conference at the Swiss Press Club in Geneva, hosted by Guy Mettan, president of the club, accompanied by DFAE media relations adviser Raphael Saborit.

22 November – Presentation for foreign media by Swiss Bankers Association Chairman Claude-Alain Margelisch, Geneva.


28-30 October – Media trip 2011 to eastern Switzerland, organised by Swiss Tourism and associated partners, including visits to: Saentis, St Gallen, and Appenzell.

apes_stgallen_cathedral_281011 apes_saentis5_291011

13 October – Federal elections press information day, organised by Presence Switzerland  in Bern.

29-31 August – International media trip organised by Swiss Tourism, Jungfraujoch -Top of Europe, “Switzerland Hiking at its best”.

24 May – Visit to CERN with members of ACANU (journalists accredited to the United Nations office in Geneva).

20 May – Annual presidential press conference followed by dinner in honour of Swiss President Micheline Calmy-Rey. “Swiss president says country won’t be joining EU soon”, GenevaLunch.com, by Ellen Wallace

20 March – APES committee dinner in Bern with Presence Switzerland Director Nicolas Bideau



10 February – Press conference with Swiss Tourism in Geneva and award to Swiss Tourism of the final APES prize, following the decision of the 2010 APES General Assembly.

20 January – Traditional lunch with the head of communications at the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Lars Knüchel.



1 December – Press conference in Geneva with the Executive Director of the Swiss Bankers Association, Claude-Alain Margelisch, and other representatives of the SBA.

17-18 November – Press trip to western Switzerland with the theme “Innovation”, organised by Presence Suisse.

18 October – Press conference with Dr Simon Tribelhorn, Director of the Association of Bankers in Liechtenstein.

2 September – Guided visit to the Alabama room at the Hôtel de Ville, Geneva, where the first Geneva Convention was signed in 1854.

8 July – Press encounter and dinner with China’s ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, He Yafei, and other members of China’s Permanent Mission in Geneva, on the theme “China in a globalised world”.

16 June – Visit to wine producers Les Hutins at Dardagny, Geneva.

28 May – Visit to the Hotel President Wilson, Geneva, to see Europe’s most expensive hotel suite.

30 April – Participation in a round table organised by the Novartis Foundation on access to medicines.

29 April – Visit to Geneva jewellers Adler with the theme “Adler and creativity”.

19-20 April – Press trip to Zurich to visit the Teotihuacan exhibition and see the Sechseläute procession, the traditional Swiss festival celebrating the arrival of Spring.

25 March – Press conference with the President of the Swiss Confederation, Doris Leuthard, at the Hotel Bellevue, Berne.

21-22 February – Press trip to the Basle Carnival “Morgenstraich”, organised in collaboration with Swiss Tourism.

22 January – Traditional lunch with the head of communications at the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, Lars Knüchel.


4-5 November – Press trip to Berne and Zurich with the theme “Switzerland’s Financial Place”, organised in collaboration with Presence Suisse.

1 September – Press encounter with Rémy Pagani, mayor of Geneva, followed by a buffet lunch at the Vieux Bois restaurant.

16 July – Trip to Basle and visit to the Van Gogh exhibition, at the initiative of APES member Juan Gasparini and organised in collaboration with Swiss Tourism, and including a guided tour of the city.

6 June – Participation at the inauguration of the Peace fresco by Hans Erni at the United Nations in Geneva.

16-17 May – Trip to Lucerne in collaboration with Swiss Tourism to award the APES prize to the painter Hans Erni, who celebrated his 100th birthday in 2009, including a guided cultural and sight-seeing tour arranged by the city.

14 May – Guided visit to the exhibition “First matter: Voyage to the heart of the universe and the origin of matter”, in collaboration with CERN and the Geneva Press Club.

13 May – Press breakfast on the theme “John Calvin and our times”, organised in collaboration with the Geneva Press Club.

11 May – Press conference “Ukrainian hopes” with Ihor Dir, Ukraine’s ambassador to Switzerland and Liechtenstein, and Mykola Maimeskoul, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations and other international organisations in Geneva.

5-6 May – Press trip to the Gotthard rail tunnel project in collaboration with Swiss Tourism.

29 March – Drinks in honour of Sari Rauber, elected as Honorary Member by the APES General Assembly in October 2008.

27 March – Annual encounter with the President of the Swiss Bankers Association, followed by lunch at the Four Seasons Mandarin Hotel in Geneva.

19 February – Traditional lunch in honour of the President of the Swiss Confederation, Mr Hans-Rudolf Merz, at the restaurant of the Hotel Bellevue in Berne.

20 January – Lunch at the Vieux Bois restaurant, Geneva, with Lars Knüchel, head of information at the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.


14 November – Visit to the chemical weapons laboratory at Spiez and the rescue squads at Wangen-an-der-Aare (journey by army helicopter in collaboration with the Federal Department of Defence, Civil Protection and Sport.

29-31 October – Press trip to the Grisons organised in collaboration with Présence Suisse.

6 October – Draw for two return tickets to Greece.

8 September – Draw for prizes offered by our partner organisations to mark the 80th anniversary of APES (Geneva Press Club).

4 September – Reception at Geneva Town Hall, hosted by the Mayor of Geneva, to celebrate the 80th anniversary of APES.

27 June – Press conference with the new mayor of Geneva, Manuel Tornare (Geneva Press Club).

26 June – Visit to the Domaine de Sarraux-Dessous at Begnins, one of the biggest vineyards in the Canton of Vaud, arranged at the initiative of APES member Jean-Paul Hoareau de Montrose.

18 June – Press encounter for members of APES and ACANU with Franciscos Verros, Ambassador of Greece to the United Nations and other international organisations in Geneva.

27 May – The traditional dinner in honour of the President of the Swiss Confederation, Pascal Couchepin (Metropole Hotel, Geneva).

5 May – Press conference and lunch with representatives of the Swiss Bankers Association (Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Geneva).

22 April – Press conference with Kofi Annan, president of the Global Humanitarian Forum, and Walter Fust, director-general of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and director-general designate of the GHF (Villa Rigot, Geneva).

18 April – Draw for two air tickets offered by Olympic Airlines.

7 February – Press encounter on “The right to die with dignity”, with Dr Jérôme Sobel, president of EXIT-ADMD (Association pour le Droit de Mourir dans la Dignité) for Suisse Romande (Geneva Press Club).

30 January – Press breakfast on “Regularising the status of illegal immigrants in Geneva: where are we?”, with Ueli Leuenberger, a Member of the Federal Parliament (Green Party) and a teacher at CEFPOS – Centre de formation professionnel santé-social (Geneva Press Club)

17 January – Press breakfast on “From Ankara to Geneva: The journey of a writer and patron of the arts”, with Metin Arditi (Geneva Press Club).