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Media diversity and access during the COVID-19 era

APES Open Letter to UN Secretary-General ANTÓNIO GUTERRES

UN Secretary-General António Guterres
© UN Photo/ Mark Garten

The APES leadership continued in 2020 to strive for a diverse foreign media with open access to information in Switzerland and at United Nations’ agencies. We continued engaging with Swiss and Geneva authorities to expedite the issuance of permits to APES members, scoring successes.

During 2020, APES President Jean Musy and Vice-President Peter Kenny met the Geneva Director of UN Information Services to express concern about the accreditation system for journalists to work in the Palais des Nations. We believe this favours big State-run media organizations and those affiliated with big business while discriminating against those working for small players.

To follow-up, we wrote to the UN Secretary General. On UN’s 75th anniversary he spoke out on the need for diversity in a speech on World Press Freedom Day, May 3.