The following are some of the benefits of being a member:

  • The APES press card, recognized by authorities across the country, which entitles the holder to free entrance to many museums and art galleries.
  • Quick accreditation with the Federal Department of External Affairs in Berne.
  • An annual voucher covering the cost of half-price CFF travel card – a card allowing the holder to travel at half the standard price within the country on Swiss railways.
  • APES support to get Swiss Resident Permit.
  • Participation in APES’ exclusive annual press conference with the President of the Swiss Confederation followed by the traditional presidential luncheon, organized by the association that is only for association members. There is also the possibility of meeting there invited eminent Swiss personalities and foreign guests.
  • Participation in journeys to different parts of the country organized for APES by Presence Suisse.
  • Participation in media trips exclusively for APES members organized by Switzerland Tourism.
  • Participation in national or regional events organized by APES partner bodies and the reception of information from them.
  • Inclusion of a member’s professional and contact details in the APES Yearbook, published annually and distributed widely to organizations and companies around the country.
  • Inclusion of the same details, if the member so wishes, on the APES website.