Condolence notice: Death of the winner of the “APES Prize”, Cornelio Sommaruga

APES expresses its deep regrets on hearing of the death at the age of 91 of Cornelio Sommaruga, the 2004 APES Prize Laureate on February 18.

Sommaruga was a leading Swiss figure as the former president of the International Committee of the Red Cross for 12 years before taking charge of the Mine Clearance Center in Geneva. The former Swiss diplomat was charismatic and held strong convictions, symbolizing humanitarian Switzerland at its best.

His commitment to seeking resolutions in conflict areas often reaped concrete results due to belligerent protagonists responding to his skills and stature.

APES sends the deepest condolences of our committee and of our members to his entire family, particularly to his sons, Federico and Carlo Sommaruga.

Jean Musy, President of APES